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Griffin Studios Bureau

CAD/CAM Bureau Service

We offer a very cost-effective 3D design and CNC machining service for companies who need to out-source individual jobs, or individual designers who need some CAD/CAM work doing.

Our CAD/CAM facility includes CNC, laser engraving and 3D scanning machines. We also provide a 3D model-making service.

Our client list includes manufacturers from the interior design, home/giftware, film-making, sign-making, and souvenir industries, as well as museums, architects, engineers, artists, designers.

Clients provide us with a 2D or 3D digital file, or simply a drawing, photograph or an idea. We’ll build you a physical object, a mould, or a digital file. We can also scan a physical object and use this data to develop a ‘product’.


Delcam’s ArtCAM Pro is an excellent 3D design and CNC machining software package. We are very experienced users, having worked with ArtCAM Pro for over 13 years, and have worked closely with Delcam on several projects during this time.

We can cost effectively create high quality ArtCAM relief models for ArtCAM users. Models can be exported into various standard file formats for users of different 3D software, or we can machine parts if requested.

Another job that we are often asked to do is to apply a relief surface to an existing 3D model. ArtCAM is excellent for this purpose, whether adding a texture, pattern, artwork or text.

FINE-ART PRINTMAKERS – we have developed a method of accurately producing etching or relief printing plates from an artists’ drawing or photograph using the Laser Engraving machine. We have worked closely with several printmakers and are connected to a professional fine-art print studio in London.

A note on client confidentiality; Most of the work we do for other clients is extremely confidential. We take this very seriously and never divulge information when requested. We are more than happy to sign a NDA

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