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Griffin Studios Case Study P&O

In 2009 Peter Griffin was commissioned by P&O Cruises to make ten artworks for their latest Cruise Liner, the Azura, which launched in April 2010. The commission consisted of two sculptures, seven wall pieces, and a feature column. All were to follow an Indian theme and everything had to be made of class ‘0’ fire resistant materials.

CASE STUDY: The two sculptures

I sculpted the basic figure in clay by hand (the original is only 10cm high).

This was then digitized using our own 3D scanner.

I then worked on the 3D digital model in ArtCAM (a 3D design and CNC machining program), adding elements that are better/more quickly created in the computer like the jewelry, clothing decoration, and the peacock background.

The 3D model was then resized to the required height (in this case 120cm) and the statue machined out using our CNC machine.

I worked into the machined sculpture by hand, adding some elements and carving away sections that would take longer do using the machine. This also gives it a less ‘machined’ appearance.

I then made a silicone rubber mold.

Once I had made the mold I could cast the final statue. In this case I used Jesmonite, a high quality casting material commonly used for interior/exterior architectural features. It is strong, light, and most importantly in this instance, fireproof. Here the Jesmonite is mixed with a high quantity of bronze powder and can be treated like bronze, in this case applying a traditional Verdigris patina the same way I would for traditional cast bronze.

As a second symmetrical statue was required I was able to return to the 3D file and make a symmetrical copy. I changed the design of the dress fabric before machining out the second statue.

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